Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Licorice Allsort Of NZ Blogs !!!

Strange as it may seem, I haven't come across many New Zealand blogs that are green & clean. I did find these ones though that I enjoyed reading, so hopefully you will too !!!

#970. Re-Listed Kiwi Through & Through !!! Interesting reading and great photos as well under Kiwi Pics !!!

#971. Re-Listed Great Photos !!! She is a great lover of little furry 4 legged creatures, which you will find photos of in the archives. There are also some great photos but some of them are b.y.o.t (bring your own torch)

#972. Re-Listed - Interesting Reading A jigsaw puzzle on life ???

#974. NEW - Living On Waiheke Island A lot of interesting reading !!!

#975. NEW - Student Living In NZ A Malaysian who has been living down under in New Zealand, since 2002.

#976. NEW - A British Lass Downunder !!! I don't think she will mind if I call her a lass- one who is growing to love all our creepy crawlies - insects, that is !!!

#977. NEW - A Surfing Surgical Trainee !!! Really great photos - a great way to chill out and lose any stress!!!

#978. NEW - Future Days !!! A lot of interesting topics to read.

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