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# 979 We Take A Journey To 4 Rotorua Tourist Attractions

Haere Mai / Welcome, Kick off your shoes - on second thoughts, leave your shoes on, I can smell them from where I sit - relax with a cup or glass or whatever it is that takes your fancy and journey with me as we look at a few tourist attractions in Rotorua. Where else in the world, can you go on tour with a krazy maori guide, while you sit at home on your bum.
As for the "smell" of Rotorua, some say it smells like rotten eggs, while some say it smells like a kiwi's bum. Whether they were refering to the actual 2 legged kiwi bird with feathers, or to the 2 legged human kiwi bird, I didn't asked. (I have never smelt either) But the smell does get to you though, if you have never smelt rotten eggs before - I won't ask about the other part of it - don't want to know !!!.
Our journey starts at the farm gate - what did you expect, we are a rural place. From there we move on and visit a village that is buried & gone. Our third port of call is no longer - it got buried down under. Our journey will end at a place where people are said to go but don't you cheat and have a quick peek or I will kick your bum into next week. Because next week if I am still around, we will head north to get away from the smell !!!
Gas up, check the water & the oil, say a prayer -we always do that when we set off on a long journey in a car - our names goff and we're off !!!

Our first stop will be where you will see, some four legged friends who are very tasty. NZ'ers eat thousands of them and export them too, but these ones today are the choosen few who run up on stage and stare down at you !!! (Silly humans baa baa throwing around good money baa baa just to see us !!! baa baa - Human / Ha ha)
A Unique NZ Experience This is a world famous live sheep show, where 19 different breeds of sheep show people what they are made of. You will also journey on to a farm and you might even see a moo cow if you're lucky - you know the animal where milk comes off. Yeah I know it comes out of a carton, but it had to come from somewhere to get in the carton in the first place.
Anyway - anyone having a nice lamb for dinner - don't forget the mint sauce !!!
(I have been told in no uncertain terms to pass this joke on - When a friend yells out to you "Hey" (Hay) You should say back to them - "Hay makes the bull fat; the bull makes the cow fat and the cow makes the butter-fat". You don't get the joke - what are you ? Blond !!! Kick him out - we will pick him up on the way back, spoiling our good joke !!!)

Our next stop is a place where a lot of people lost friends when a big volcano blew up and its ash covered the ground.
# 979. Buried Village, Rotorua Te Wairoa, the Buried Village has been interpreting the sceneof the Mt Tarawera eruption for tourists for 75 years.

This was one place, that was really beautiful but now its buried beneath the ground.
# 979. The Pink & White Terraces !!! You won't see the real thing - well the real thing as far as touche feele goes - but you will see photos, because the Terraces were destotyed during the volcanic eruption of Mt Tawawera back many moons ago on June 10th 1886. They were known as the "eighth wonder of the world" - glistening pink & white terraces of silica created by the warmth from the centre of the earth - "Hell" ???

Hold on to your seat, because we are nearing journeys end with one stop to make.It's at the other end of the scale from "Heaven" above. Its a place though in reality from which you will return, so you will be able to tell your friends that you went to
????? ????? and were able to return.

I'm sorry to say, that's it for today - our journey is at a end but I will be back one day. Next time I'll be expecting a "tip" from you when I guide you around. Before I go though have a look at this and set the clock back to June 10th, (1886) that day many moons ago when the volcano blew and really shook the ground.

Arohanui Kakite

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