Tuesday, January 10, 2006

NZ BLOGS # 996 - # 999

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
Finally !!! I hope you having been holding your breath, waiting for photos to be posted on to this blog.

What I have done is change the name of this blog to include the word "blog" in the heading so that any NZ blogs which have mainly New Zealand content with photos, etc I will list them on here rather than on 21 21 21 Blogs !!!

Because if I list NZ blogs with the other blogs, they would get lost and I don't want that to happen, given that great NZ blogs are starting to come out of the woodwork.
The first blog I found was this great blog with great "Kiwi Pics" !!!

As I list other NZ blogs, I will number them so when you return you will know what number you left off at - makes sense !!! You will also be able to tell "friends" what the numbers are of blogs you like, so they can have a look at them.

10th January 2006

NZ #996. Who Loves You Baby ??? They have four legs, they are furry, they are cute, they are loveable !!! What more can I say about these pets ??? Have a look - nice !!!

6th January 2006

NZ #997. An Assortment. This blog has an assortment of not only NZ photos, but also has photos of Berlin/Germany & Paris/France. Also check out the archives, for more great NZ photos, mainly from the Christchurch area - the largest city in the South Island.

NZ #998. Motor Sports / Super Stock Cars at Wanganui & Palmerston North.

NZ #999. A Crafty Blog !!! For anyone out there into needlepoint & crafts.

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