Sunday, January 21, 2007

# 945 - # 959 / More NZ Blogs

#945. The Last 10 kilograms Listed 21st January
His words - "One mans attempt to lose excess weight and keep it off permanently".

#947. Follow the Sun.... A diary of Leigh & Rita's trip to the USA, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia, & Vietnam. Listed 8th December / listed here because of photo's of NZ.

#948. Gitte i New Zealand There are a few words of english, but the rest I could not understand (I think it's Danish) but the photos are great. Listed 29th November

Kiwi Theunissens Bryan and Kerrie Theunissen moved from Cape Town, South Africa to Mount Maunganui, New zealand on 24 August 2006.... and we are loving every minute of it. Listed 12th November

#950. Wellington Daily Photo Listed 12th November

#951. Pelikan-trifft-Kiwi "Ich bin dann mal weg" bringt es so schön auf den Punkt - aber ich komm wieder! Ich werde mich nur einfach mal in den Flieger setzen, am anderen Ende der Welt aussteigen und dann gucken, was die nächsten vier Monate so bringen werden. Oder wie heißt es so schön: "Wenn einer eine Reise tut, dann kann er was erzählen!" Vielleicht - wenn, dann könnt ihr es hier lesen! Und der Regenbogen wird mich begleiten ... Click on the photos to enlarge. Listed 12th November

#952. A Trip Down Under BelgiumDrieex-studenten die nog niet willen gaan werken (vooral Bert) maar willen trekken (vooral Tom) door het woeste Australië en het onherbergzame ontdekken (vooral Steven) in Nieuw-Zeeland. Listed 12th November

I can't understand the language, but everyone knows photos.

#953. Testimony My ideas, thoughts, comments, recollections, photographs, all in no particular order. This is me. Listed 12th November

#954. California Refugees in NZ Their words - "We are Californians seeking a more community focused - future. We both love our original home (in Northern California) and truly miss it. Moving to a country like New Zealand is a quite a change - one for the better we think". Listed 5th November

#955. Melissa's Travels A glimpse into the life and travels of an english girl in NZ on a two year visa. Some really great photos. (Listed 29th October)

#956. Eru's LifeCache His words - "If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You're Part Of the Precipitate". He is currently working on a photographic project, which by the look of it, is shaping up really great. (Listed 26th October)

#957. Tairawhiti e-Learning in Education His words - "Keep up to date with the news, the views and the happenings with e-Learning in schools". (Listed 24th October)

He also has another blog worth having a look - that's where I "borrowed" the blue carving from. I found both blogs, very interesting to read, even though a lot of the stuff went right over the top of my head. I am sure though, that you all will find it easy. (Listed 24th October)

#958. Ben's Photo Sketchbook Some really great photo's worth sharing with you all (Listed Wed.18th)

#959. Rest Area 300m
"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" ...But what about the guy that fixes the pot holes? (Listed Satur.14th)

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