Wednesday, July 19, 2006

# 963 - # 965

#963. Pixie Post
There is an "old" saying - a stitch in time saves nine - which may have a different meaning to some people, but to me it meant that to mend something, like a shirt button in time saved Mum - time !!! Looking thru this blog, it reminded me of that saying, as it has a lot of stitches & more, including great photos !!! Well worth a look or two.

#964. NZ Worm Girl
What's going on in the world of the worm ??? Have a look.........!!! Great photos.

#965. NZ Rebreather Diver !!! Dive, Dive, Dive or what ever it is they say. If you are into diving - dive into this blog, but don't hold your breath as you have a lot to look at.


oneQuestıon said...

Hello from a turkish blogger ın germany! How is the life down under?

nzwormgirl said...

Cheers for the link Kelvin :o)