Thursday, June 29, 2006

# 967

Wellington Daily Photo

This is one of the photos from this blog. For those of you who don't know, Wellington is at the bottom of the North Island of NZ. More often than not, it is refered to as "windy Wellington" !!! I know a lady (no names mention) who happened to venture out one wet & windy day, when she was visiting Wellington. As big as she was, the wind still blew her over.


Louise said...

Hi Kelvin,
Thanks for dropping by my blog- It would be good to have some other cities (or towns) in NZ joining the daily photo community. Paris daily photo is a good place to pop in if you want to join up and start posting!

Liz said...

good luck in finding nz blogs!

I'll check this blog very often, because I am very interested about New Zealand (and I hope to relocate in Akl soon!) :-)


chia said...

thank you for stopping by..

Fred said...

hello kelvin! Thanks for coming to my blog... and I am also coming here to say hello to you!