Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hundertwasser toilet

Hundertwasser toilet
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This is the public loo that I mention in #939. I wrote.........
This cause a "shit" of emails,over the past week, because in Around NZ, I mentioned that I was going to write about a public loo. A few people got on their high horse and I don't think that they have got off yet. They said why write anything about a public loo, when there are thousands of "cleaner" things to write about. What can I say. I"m krazy but you can climb down off your high horse now and answer the call of nature, (because you surely must have a drain blockage by now) while I tell those whose feet stayed on the ground, about this public loo because it isn't just any public loo - it would have to be the most talked about & photographed public loo around New Zealand. It is in the north at Kawakawa............

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